Golden Trade International Corporation is an American Wild Ginseng root dealer and exporter with an office in New York and has been offering high-quality ginseng products to the United States and Asia markets since 1990. Golden Trade International Corporation’s mission is very simple, it is to provide premium products and services to both our customers and partners with high integrity.

We have strict requirements for our wild fresh ginseng root suppliers. We usually procure the entire harvest of collected ginseng to ensure unified and stable quality.

Sang Hunter Ginseng Liquor is proudly one of the new products of Golden Trade International Corporation and created directly based on the specific needs and desires of our expanding customer base. We firmly believe in treating each customer with the same high level of care and attention. Our attentive staffs work closely with our customers to ensure high satisfaction and fulfill expectations.

‘SANG’ in America stands for ginseng and ‘HUNTER’ connotes ginseng digger, thus the name for ‘Sang Hunter Ginseng Liquor’. It is a name of premium ginseng liquor.

Golden Trade International Corporation 在西元1990 年成立於美國紐約州,我們是專業出口與承銷美國野山花旗蔘,多年以來深受市場肯定,Golden Trade International Corporation 為我們尊貴的顧客提供最優質的產品,以最高誠信支援我們的合作夥伴。


Golden Trade International Corporation 長期以來我們把顧客的需求放置在第一考量的位置,我們擁有了解野山花旗蔘多年的經驗,以及公司同仁關心顧客的熱情,為求滿足尊貴顧客另一方面的需求,我們自豪地為您介紹「蔘林獵人」這項產品。

「蔘林獵人」Sang Hunter Ginseng Liquor 是 Golden Trade International Corporation 優質的野山花旗蔘酒,SANG在美國代表「人蔘」Ginseng,而 Hunter 則是象徵獵尋地底下珍貴人蔘的挖掘者,匯集種種意象,「蔘林獵人」就此誕生。

熱情、誠信、顧客至上,是 Golden Trade International Corporation 的使命,我們重視您的需求與建議,對每一項產品嚴格的品選與把關,給予顧客最好的服務和最高品質的產品,為此您絕對不要錯過 Golden Trade International Corporation 的新產品──「蔘林獵人」。